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[research projects]

Activity-driven long-term changes in neural networks - with Steven Flavell

[past research projects]

[hardware and software]

StimMatrixRBG.WP. Hardware and software for rapid RGB optical stimulation of the contents of a 96-well plate.

MURC - the multi-resonance controller. FPGA and computer software for measuring the resonant properties of arrays of resonators.

R code for ranked assignment problem - finding not just the top solution but the n top solutions of a assignment problem, also known as the optimal matching, minimal cost bipartite matching, or linear summed assignment problem (LSAP). The original algorithm (Murty's ranked LSAP algorithm) is described here.

sigMan - software for the analysis of time-dependent signals, especially electr\ opherograms.

CRTmod - A modified version of the CRISPR Recognition Tool (CRT), originally from here. License is public domain.


[academic interests]

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